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hello everyone!
i wanted to introduce casper, my 14 week old kitten. i've had him since he was about 5 weeks old. he was one of my fosters, but i knew he had to be mine, and so i adopted him. both he and his little sister were bottle fed babies since they were about 3-5 days old. his little sister was adopted by a family 5 weeks ago. casper is very mellow, sweet, and friendly to everyone. he greets me with a happy tail "wag" and loud purring. i feel like the luckiest kitty mom. i've posted both pictures of him as a baby and now. enjoy!

IMG_0672 by voguemamselle619, on Flickr

IMG_0891 by voguemamselle619, on Flickr

IMG_0859 by voguemamselle619, on Flickr
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