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So, I'm currently/temporarily living with my best friend out in Las Vegas. I brought my old cat Minnie with me. She's a 15 year old female who has lived with other cats her whole life. Not overly friendly but fine as long as they don't bug her. She would tolerate my mom's cat grooming her at times.

After a month(and many introductions under the door/through screen/etc), the cats are both loose in the house together during the day, and I shut the bedroom door to keep Minnie with me and Chase (friend's cat) locked out at night. Minnie is completely fine with Chase AS LONG AS he leaves her alone. The problem? HE WON'T LEAVE HER ALONE! I'm getting so frustrated because I don't want to keep her locked up anymore. She's quite content out in the living room/kitchen etc until Chase annoys her. I'd say about half the time he leaves her alone, and half the time he's meowing (constantly meowing, over and over and over again) at her and constantly walking towards her, with her hissing. She has run after him a couple times now. Actually, even when he's not "bugging" her, he is very often just staring at her.
What can I do?

As far as the separation anxiety.. I've never met a cat who had such a need to be with people. My cat likes to be with me at all times, but doesn't freak out if I go in the bedroom or bathroom and shut the door so she can't get in. (unless it's night time). Chase freaks out if you even SHOWER and shut the door and he can't get in. At night, when I go to bed, he scratches and crys at the door. (sometimes even when my friend is home and sleeping in the living room!) He has completely destroyed her carpet by every door in the house. I have honestly never met a cat that would act like this. Is there anything we can do?
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