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Cat Barriers and Invisible Fences

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Hey Everyone,

I have a 10 month old kitten who loves to run for the door when its being opened... and I mean SPRINTS! If you don't know he's going to do it there is a good chance he's going to get out. I have recently moved into town (there is a big forest behind us and a busy road in front) when before i was out in the middle of no where but in an open area) both scary for him to get outside. Now i am extra scared because of the road. He is an indoor cat I never let him go out because i feel like that would be making the problem worse! He escaped the other day in the dark, he somehow knew to take right off down the stairs of the deck and off he went, first towards the road and then around the house and into the dark forest! I fallowed him around mostly listening to his foot steps in the leaves because i sure couldn't see him, after fallowing him around for 20 minutes and shacking his bag of treats he finally came over and I snatched him up! Now I am terrified of the door being opened because he's so fast.

My vet had told me before that maybe I should look into an invisible fence... but if he is not an outdoor cat I don't really see the point of that and we are in an upper level duplex so an in ground fence isn't really going to work unless I can attach it to the deck? So I did some research and there are these things for dogs and I believe cats that are "barriers" they wear a collar and once they get within 3 feet of the barrier there is a warning noise and any closer a shock. I feel like this might be an alright idea this way if i want to take him outside on a harness I can and when he's inside I know the barrier is going to be a deterrent.

I was just wondering if any of you have any experience with these or any tricks to stop you kitties from escaping!?

Thanks :-o
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I saw on "My Cat from ****" a trick to use a laser pointer to distract the kitty away from the door. Before I even brought Martin home, I made sure I had one to keep him away from the door when I left. I'm on the 3rd floor of a big apartment building, and I figured he'd be faster than me. It works great! Even though he's already caught on to the fact that I'm leaving and tries to resist that little red dot he just can't seem to help but go after it.

Good luck!
thats actually a pretty smart idea, just keep a laser pointer by the door and if he did manage to escape I wonder if he would care more about the laser pointer then whatever else is out there... its worth a try! thanks!!
It actually works. I have one that's made for cats as a toy. I got it at Wal-mart for $5. I don't worry so much about Finn getting out, because he is more scared of outside than he is curious. But .... he doesn't like me going anywhere (even in another room) without following me to see what the heck is going on, so when I'd go to the door to leave, he'd always be under my feet and getting stepped on. So I started pointing the dot to his potty room, so he streaks in there, and I'm gone before he has any chance to get stepped on.
I think the invisible fence thing works fine for dogs but not so well for cats. My neighbors cat just runs through the area that causes the shock. I guess she accepts the brief shock to be able to roam free when she is outside.
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