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My cat is about 4 years old. She started being sick during the night at least 3 or 4 nights a week, 8 or so months ago.

I asked the vet and he suggested "katalax" which is a fishy dark brown vaseline, the idea is that it helps the hair to get through the digestive tract. And he gave her an injection of something to stop any irritation of the stomach which may have been there....

This seemed to solve the problem for a while but she started being sick again and we decided to try to not feed her from 5pm onwards, this seemed to do the trick. When we gave her food in the evening it usually resulted in her being sick that night. She is VERY rarely sick during the day.

Usually the sickness consists of a hairball, but sometimes (maybe 30% of time there is no hairball).

sometimes now without having any food in the evening she is sick in the night and nothing much comes up.

Does anyone recognise these symptoms?
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