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Hello Everyone!

I need some help. . .

I have to board my two furbabies next month (going home to hawaii for my brother's wedding) and I was hoping one of you has any recommendations on facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. I actually live in San Mateo, so anywhere less than 20 miles . . .

I've done an Internet search and found two so far. . .The Bayshore Boarding and Pet Camp. I don't really want to have someone come in my home and care for them or leave them with a freelance petsitter. . .I'm fairly new to the bay area and have a hard time trusting people. I would much rather leave them with reputable professionals.

Anyone that lives in the area have any suggestions on where is an excellent place to board my 2 cats. (what is great is that they will have eachother)

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!!

PS: sorry my banner is not available right now. . .but this is Korin and Linkin's mommy.
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