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Franny -- best cat ever! purring in my heart Porch cat THE DIVIT aka Divey seriously traumatized
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I'm going to guess MaineCoon plus a bit of Bengal. Goggle something like MaineCoon vs Norwegian Forest Cat and you can get some side by side photos that show things like the position of the MaineCoon's ears etc. I don't think that Bengals have the bulk of yours but the MaineCoon does. Tis a biggun... for sure! Keeping him in kibble may require a side hustle! Wow though look at the trust and sense of safety he shows. He's been raised with wisdom -- he would have been one to assert a strong opinion about who was in charge. I bet his size came as a surprise!
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Bengals have a more specific spot pattern and tend to long and lean.
I'm hoping someone will add to the range of possibilities. What was the source -- a shelter, pet store, breeder? Self - Adoption? ( self-adoption is when a cat just steps out of nowhere and says " ehh, you! let's be buddies!"
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