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Hello all! I am a foster carer and my brothers cat just seems monstrous to me?
He was a rescue/ stray so don’t know his breed but I STRUGGLE to lift him, he’s massive, like he was a normal size kitten and at around 2 he was a normal sized cat. Then I visited recently and he is HUGE, he’s 4 years old.
He’s got beautiful HUGE emerald green eyes
Photos attached with him in reference to a normal sized coke can, 3L milk carton, my size 7 feet. He also comes up to my knee and I am 5’4
Anyone know what breed he is/ mixed with?

Cat Felidae Carnivore Small to medium-sized cats Washing machine
Cat Plant Felidae Carnivore Flowerpot

Glasses Cat Eye Window Carnivore
Cloud Felidae Comfort Human body Wood

Comfort Sleeve Cat Gesture Thigh
Gesture Felidae Carnivore Plant Cat
Picture frame Comfort Textile Military camouflage Couch
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