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Hi All, I'm new here looking for some answers.

Yesterday my fiancé's cat collapsed and started panting and she wasn't moving from her fallen state. We rushed her to the vet and they did some first aid on her quickly. Her temperature was really low and her breathing was bad. We were told to leave her there so they can check on what the problem is. She is a fully indoor cat so she has not had anything poisonous outside unless she ate something inside the house. The night before yesterday she vomited red (Assuming blood) that my fiancé noticed yesterday in the morning. Got a call from the vet in the evening yesterday and they said her temperature was back to normal but her breathing was still bad. However she was responding better. They checked her blood and found nothing wrong. The vet was saying he was looking more into trauma or intoxication poisoning.

Later on my fiancé and I were discussing and realized she was collapsed on some tv cables etc so we thought she could have been electrocuted but that would not answer for the vomiting the day before. She has never been beaten so that sort of trauma is out of the question. This morning we are waiting for the vets update etc. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? Has anyone gone through this?

A couple of days before she chewed up some earphones. The day before she was sort of howling and she threw herself on the floor.

Yesterday (the day she collapsed) she was doing fine in the morning. She played but was not eating.

We are trying to rule out whatever could have caused this but we don't know. Even searching on the internet has found us nothing.

Any idea on what could have happened will be much appreciated. It doesn't have to be what actually has happened to her just an idea.

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