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Not really sure which topic group this should be in...Don't have my kitty yet, just preparing.

I plan to take my kitty (when he's ready and immune system is ready) outside on a harness. There are a few cats that like to visit my yard, they walk along my 6 foot walled yard and come inside also and use my gravel landscaping as a litter box - I can see multiple poos in the same area.

Even after neutering my cat I know that he may still spray inside if he sees others outside. I'm looking for deterrent suggestions on what I can spray along my wall to keep the visitors from coming around. Vinegar and Soap?

I don't mind repeating often. Here in Phoenix anything I spray will dry quickly, so if it has a lasting effect it would be even better. Vinegar and Soap?

I don't care so much if it weren't for the added concern of my male being more likely to spray if he knows they're around. Even when cats didn't go outside they still see them from the house.

I have 3 months to experiment before bringing kitty home.
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