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Not sure if this is unusual behavior - My cat who will be just 1 year in September had her litter of kittens about 2 1/2 weeks ago. the kittens and nesting bed are in a good size closet. We have it blocked off for now so the mom can get in but the kittens can not venture out of closet but can wander within the closet area. Sometimes Nellie, the mom, rolls around in the closet near the nesting bed and almost helps to pull the kittens out of it. She gets very excited, rolls all over, nibbles at them around their neck, legs and stomach. Sometimes she seems a little bit rough but as this is a first with kittens for her and us maybe this is normal behavior.
She then gets to the point where she seems to want the kittens back in the nesting bed and tries to pick up at necka and lift to carry them but never actually does. Why?
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