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Seizures in cats can be a symptom of many different health problems and the causes are often categorised as intracranial (within the brain) or extracranial (due to disease elsewhere in the body).Examples of intracranial causes include brain inflammation, tumours, and trauma. Extracranial causes can include the ingestion of toxins, kidney disease, liver disease, heart arrhythmias, and disrupted blood sugar regulation, among others. Compared to younger cats, older cats are more likely to have a concurrent health problem

Seizure ‘idiopathic’. This is more commonly diagnosed in younger cats and this diagnosis is made when an underlying cause is not identified and the seizure occurs because of a brain malfunction affecting neurotransmission.

Do make a quick note of the time that the seizure starts. If this cat’s seizure lasts for more than 5–10 minutes, the condition is referred to as status epilepticus and is considered a medical emergency. Make sure you call the vet immediately for emergency care. .
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