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My three cats (all 13-year-old females) fight from time to time. But, it's always the same one, Jazz, who is the aggressor.
Coco will retaliate for a bit, then roll on her back in a defensive posture, and after less than 10 seconds, it's all over.
When Jazz attacks the other one, Gemma, Gemma has none of it and gives her a good swipe which sends Jazz sprinting away to hide!

These fights only last a few seconds, but it's always Jazz who starts them. And when I stroke the other two, she always runs over and demands attention. Is she just a bit jealous/cantankerous, or is there anything I can do to stop Jazz from being so aggressive?

The daft thing is that seconds after the fight, Jazz will cuddle up to Coco/Gemma and start licking them. But I have found a few scars on Coco, and I didn't think cats really hurt each other when they fight? Hope someone can help, and thanks.
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