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I recently read an article from a link posted in this forum about what really goes into pet food. I was feeding my cats Iams but my husband said we are short on money this month so we had to buy our cats a bag of "Special Kitty" cat food. It was far cheaper than Iams and appeared to have the same "nutritional value" but I've been trying to think of ways to fortify my cats' diets since reading the pet food article.

I am especially interested in getting more protein into my kitten. I have been thinking about giving them the occasional can of tuna fish in spring water (my mom has some and that she doesn't eat) and perhaps feeding the cats a mixture of chicken chunks, rice and egg (egg is a good source of protein).

Anyone have any good, healthy and palatable cat food recipes?

- koneko

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:D I have a few but I've only tried the Cat Food Treats one.

Sardine Surprise Cat Food Treats

2 flat cans of sardines in oil (Don't drain)
2/3 cup cooked rice
1 tablespoon pureed liver
1/4 cup chopped parsley

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Shape into balls of desired size or simply spoon into cat's dish and serve. These treats may be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days, and may also be frozen.

Beef and Vegetable Broth

1/2-cup raw trimmed beef
1 few tablespoons of beef broth (Preferably not the canned or cubed variety)
2 tablespoons cooked oatmeal
1 tablespoon dried barley grass powder (Find at a pet food store)
1 cooked minced veggie (Your cat's favorite - Carrots are often a favorite)

Cook raw trimmed beef in just enough broth to cover, over medium to low heat. When beef is cooked thru shred with fork and mix with the broth in which it was cooked. Add the minced veggie and the barley grass powder. Stir well. Last add the oatmeal to achieve the consistency that your cat likes. This is a good cat food recipe for indoor pets. It may save your houseplants from that little mid-night muncher!
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