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my fiance and I have a calico cat. my fiancé got her about 8 years ago and was a rescue from a home that just wasn't going to be able to care for her as a kitten.
Recently we rescued a tabby together who is about 2 years old. he used to live in the country and i'm sure he was very much the hunter and had territorial disputes with other animals.
we tried the slow and steady introduction technique. isolated him in a room and visited and played with him and after a week began to slowly let him see the calico. the calico really wasn't interested and was just disgusted with us for letting him in the house. we finally let them see the whole of one another while they ate then played with them for two weeks and then door closed. when we finally decided to let them interact he didn't warn her at all he went for the calico and even when she ran away he relentlessly pursued her till we got him picked up put back in his room. from there we started the two week feeding in full view and close proximity to one another and play time afterward. reintroduction yielded the same results.
we thought maybe he didn't have enough room in the house so we fenced off a space for him which gave him over half the house actually. then two weeks of that and feeding and play time for two weeks until reintroduction. he attacked her again.
I think giving him that much space of the house might have been a mistake since he is the newer cat especially. its been six months and they just don't get along. he watches the door when ever we walk in and out of the pocket doors to the dining room Hoping we'll leave it open just so he can go get her. he'll actually sit there and wait for someone to go through and see if we've let our guard down.
this tabby male really is sweet to us humans but is relentless with the calico
our vet said to try a bell but he doesn't care is she know he's coming or not. he doesn't roar or meow at her, just claws out attacks.
We're thinking about a shock collar for last resort and I wondered about invisible fences and if there's such device that would give our calico a two foot bubble that would shock him if he got close to her. I don't know if such a thing exists.
any other thought or advice would be appreciated. he may have to be rehomed otherwise.

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I had to rehome a cat after trying for over a YEAR to make it work. I regret waiting so long, nobody in the house was happy. Gigi was the sweetest cat with me, and the tiniest in the house, but she hated my little calico twins. She went to a great home where she is the only cat and with a little girl who spoils her rotten. I don't consider "rehoming" a bad word at all. Sometimes we're just the middle man for finding the perfect placement.

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