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ok so according to the forum set up i can't post elsewhere b.c i'm new.

well hi im new but I got something a bit more urgent.
I got careless and my strictly indoor cat got out.
and its not his first time.

His 2nd.
So I'm a bit lucky that i know he doesnt go far since he's really skiddish.
and he responds to "are you hungry?" he replies with meows.

I'm in Japan btw.
So anyways he's under an old house right next to my apt building.
About 5feet away? or 3 meters? ish?
I've been going out every 15 minutes and saying "Are you hungry?" and he meows from under the house.
This has been going on for 5 hours now. Every 15minutes. "Are you hungry?" "meow"
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand he doesnt budge.

1st time he got out, I did same thing going around the building asking if he's hungry.
but 1st time tho he never replied til later when he came running out from under the same house he's hiding atm.

This time I'm doing the same thing... but with actual food in my hand.
And he's not budging.

Oh also the frustrating part is he meows without a fail.
The house he's hiding under has wonky narrow kinda short but not concrete wall/fence set up
that I can see where he went, but trying to get in or reach in is near impossible for a human.

Since this is Japan I have no idea how to get a trap.
I ask if he's hungry and he's meowing.
But ain't coming out to get the food.

Anyone got suggestions?????

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Hi Aurburne,
I hope your baby has finally come back!
It's scary, when one door dashes!
All paws crossed for you both!
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