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When my Lilly-girl was a little girl, and I was an over protective mother, i used to watch her like a hawk with everything; new toys , play time, toilet time, dinner time....
One day she decided to help herself to old Ludo's meal of chunky steak. Now she was only 12 weeks old, not a big kitty, and certainly never had a chunky peice of steak like this before.
Before I could stop her, she grabbed a piece and took off into the dining room with me chasing her. Out of reach I could hear her chewing away at this peice of meat, and in the dim light could see she was already having trouble (it was a bit stringy).
I talk to my cats all the time so I was saying to her " you silly girl, you'll choke on that great big thing " and trying to reach her in the darkness I thought it best to quickly grab the peice of meat from her mouth.
She began making choking noises and I was finding it difficult to get the meat.
" oh god ! its stuck in her throat !!" I cried.
My fiance , hearing my panicked voice, came darting into the room
" whats wrong !?!"
I screamed for him to turn on the light as Lilly was choking on some meat.
He flicked the switch, and as I was on my belly, half under the table, meat in fingertips, I could see....... I HAD HOLD OF HER TONGUE !

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