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Cat Hair Friendly Fabrics

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I adopted an 8 month old torty tabby in Jan. We are adusting to each other's strengths and weaknesses nicely.

In winter, I've always slept under a feather down comforter in a light green flannel duvet cover. My new cat shares my love for down comforters, and leaves black, brown and white evidence of her approval all over it. No brush, no vacuum, no sweeper, no washing machine can remove the hair that has somehow woven itself into the flannel.

Does any one have suggestions for fabrics for a bedspread or duvet cover that are easy to maintain with a cat in the house? Any ideas for colors or textures that hide hair?
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In pet supply shops around there they sell special brushes designed for removing pet hair, have you tried them?
i know what ya mean tho, nothin gets it out :roll: (i havent tried one of those bruses yet tho)
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