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Hello cat lovers,

I'm helping my sister who is not on the Internet, has 3 indoor cats and lives in a distant state. She asked me to ask questions about cat health/medical-surgical insurance. [In case it might help you give me tips and info for my sister, all 3 of her cats are strictly indoor ones: cat #1 is a 6 y. o. male, neutered La Perm; cat #2 is a 1 y. o. male neutered tabbycat; and cat #3 is a 3 month old female tortoise shell not yet spayed. She tells me that they're all healthy but she wants to reduce her expenses when taking them to the vet for check-ups, injections, etc.]

1) What sorts of aspects of health care coverage should one be aware of and look for in a cat insurance policy/company?

2) What sorts of things should one certainly or probably avoid (if there are such things)?

3) Any cat/pet insurance companies/outfits to avoid due to problems and failure to help, etc. ?

4) Any cat/pet insurance companies/outfits to recommend highly?

If you think of other things and aspects to keep in mind when considering cat insurance plans, kindly offer this info.


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