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Cat is Driving Me Insane

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I have a one-year-old, spayed female Bengal. She's sweet and smart and beautiful. The only problem is that she talks tooooooooooo much. Way too much. It's cute for the first few meows, but then it doesn't stop. I live in an apartment with two good friends who also love her. She gets attention and affection from us all. She always has food, filtered, running water and a clean litter box. Obviously, I don't speak cat so I don't know what she wants. She just walks around meowing quite loudly and repeatedly. She'll even meow when she has something in her mouth and often even while she cleans herself (which sounds comical). I don't know if there is anything I can do to get her to chill out. I don't want to turn her into a completely quiet cat, because the meowing can be cute in moderation. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you... -- Mickey
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My cat is very talkative. Sometimes in the night, she will go out and just keep coming in and out non stop. She wakes us up with her meowing. I always make sure she has fresh food and water before i go to bed. It doesn't help that she spends nearly all day sleeping, so we try to play with her, but sometimes she just doesnt want to. :roll:
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