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Hello all,
Our cat needed his teeth to be cleaned, so we went to a vet and that of course required a full anesthesia. He received it through an injection on his back leg (we guess it was in his left leg as he was lying on the surgery table on his right side). Then, they decided to add an IV catheter in his right front leg. When we picked him up the same day at 2PM he was tired and wasn't walking much. But the next day he was noticeably limping on his back left leg and was not the same as before, not the same behavior. He was staying in a corner of the room almost all day. We took him to a different vet the next day, they did an x-ray and verified that there is no trauma or injury. Her diagnosis was that they probably hit his sciatic nerve with the needle. She administered him with cortisone for 9 days and vitamin B12 for a month. She's saying it might take 6 months to recover.

We're into the 3rd day of medicine today and still no improvement.

Anybody had any experience or have any advise on how to treat our poor boy?



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