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Cat letting out vibes??

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I just heard this from a friend last night. She saw it in a documentary but can't remember which. It said that cats are supposed to be able to let off vibes or release some kind of energy to living beings around them, and the longer one spends with them, the more you love the cats/grow fond of them. This was done as an experiment with rodents, strangely enough. As the rodents spent more and more time near the cats, some part of their brain showed signs of growing fond of the cats.

Has anyone every heard this before? It seems a bit odd to me but doesn't sound entirely untrue... I mean since I've had Milky, I can only say that I love him more and more each day! :luv
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so... they're brainwashing us?? I knew it! We feed and clean up after them, they lay around all day and do whatever they want-sounds about right :)
Hahahahaha That's probably what it is! Now why didn't I think of that? They're brain washing us.... How very true!!!
It's probably due to the parasite Toxoplasma Gondii. Look it up. Mostly it's harmless to humans, who can get infected, but is a rat/cat thing.
Thank you for that information jusjim. I've done a bit of reading up on that and found that it's true.

For anyone who wants a bit of info:
Kind of scary how much damage the parasite can actually do.
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