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Cat litter rant.

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I'm not sure if this should be in another section. If so, my apologies!

I bought the WORST litter EVER. It was an impulse buy; 27lb bag for 10$. Tidy Cats clay litter I think its called? OMG I hate it! His litter box smells constantly now. That used litter smell that you can't get rid of.. I clean his box every other 2 days and I scoop it 3-4x a day and it still smells! Its not his stomach acting up again; just that horrible litter. I usually use Arm and Hammer Super Scoop or the big tubs of Tidy Cats for multiple cats. This new clay litter was a mistake. Not only does it constantly smell like cat urine, but there's HUGE chunks of litter everywhere no matter how often I sweep and vacuum.

Now I have like 23lbs left of this junk and I'm ready to toss it all in the trash. Apollo doesn't like it much either; he's getting big chunks of litter stuck in his poor feet.
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Don't toss it. Depending on where you bought the litter, you can return it. Check the store's policy. No point on throwing your money away. I have returned cat litter and the store/manufacture donates it to shelters.
I thought about doing that. However, I made the mistake of pouring the litter out of the bag and right into my empty tubs of cat litter. So, the bag is gone, as is the receipt. I guess I could just donate it as-is to a shelter. I'm still mad about the litter! I have a feeling I'll be finding chunks of it everywhere for weeks to come.
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