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I'm doing a project in one of my marketing classes and it's on Cat litter. I need some more people for my sample size. Please take the time to answer this short survey and post your answers. Thanks!

1. Which brand of cat litter do you purchase most often?
2. Do you buy this brand every time, more often or at random?
3. What brand did you buy on your last 3 purchases?
4. Are you a male or female?
5. What is your age?
6. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements:
"I find myself checking the prices in the grocery store even on small items."
"People come to me more often than I go to them for information about brands."
7. List 3 benefits you look for when buying cat litter.
8. What is the last cat litter ad you saw or heard. Give details if applicable.
9. With which on the following do you agree:
"This is one of the best brands."
"This is one of the better brands."
"All brands are alike."
"This brand is below average."


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1.) Papurr, but switching to Odorzout.
2.) Most often I have bought Papurr, might return to it.
3.) Papurr was included in my last 3 purchases as well as Odorzout on the last.
4.) Female
5.) 22
6.) Agree
7.) Hard Clumping, Natural (not made of clay), Odor Control, Low/No Dust (sorry that's 4, but they are all important.)
8.) I do not like 95% of the brands advertized on TV or in frequent ads.
9.) "This is one of the best brands"

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1) Kitty Comfort
2) Buy this brand most of the time
3) Kitty Comfort
4) F
5) 21
6) disagree for both
7) clumping, cheap and cheaper
8 ) N/A - I avoid billboards, TV and magazines like the plague
9) none - "This brand will have to do because it is the cheapest" - closest is "This brand is below average"

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1) Catsan
2) Every time
3) Catsan
4) female
5) 21
6) disagree
7) not fullers earth, absorbency, price
8) Catsan, was on t.v
9) this is one of the better brands.

i typed all that with one hand coz i have a kitten asleep in my other arm!

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1. scoop-away
2. more often?
3. scoop-away, tidy cat?
4. female
5. 27
6. disagree
7. odor control, price and size
8. I can't remmeber
9. With which on the following do you agree:
"This is one of the best brands."

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1. Feline pine
2. always buy this brand
3. Feline pine
4. female
5. 46
6. agree, agree
7. odor control,odor of litter itself,price
8. one of the clumping litters on T.V.
9. This brand is the best in my opinion ,otherwise I wouldn't use it.

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1.) Tidy Cat
2.) Most of the time, have tried others, but always go back
3.) Tidy Cat, Cat Tails (horrible), Tidy Cat
4.) 21
5.) Male
6.) Agree
7.) Odor control, price, low dust
8.) Don't recall
9.) Which brand? from the ad or that I use?

Hope this helps.

P.S. If you don't mind my asking, what school are you doing this for?

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(1) Special Kitty
(2) Purposely but this brand
(3) Special Kitty
(4) Male
(5) 62
(6) Price checker
(7) Odor stopping
clumping ability
(8) Several brands in Cat Fancy magazine
(9) This is one of the better brands.

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