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Hello! My name is Benton. I'm a 23 year old nutrition student at the University of Idaho. I've come to this forum to learn as much information as I can to help give my two cats a wonderful, healthy life.

My mother was a cat lover for all of her life, so I've constantly been around them since I was a child. As I grew older, I realized that I hadn't had a pet companion for some time.

I adopted my first cat in 2010. Smoky is about 4 years old now and if she was a human, I'd say she's kind of like that teen who doesn't want to be seen with her parents. All said and shown, she's affectionate when no one is looking and loves having people over. She's incredibly brave! I've seriously never seen her freaked out in a situation (at least that's what she wants us to think).

Last year I adopted Adama, who will be 2 in February. She's awesome! Weird, to say the least, especially when considering the crazy noises she makes when she's excited (never heard sounds like that out of a living being). Extremely affectionate and expressive, but terribly shy around new people and situations. When my partner and I first got her, she slept for two days straight, unable to process the changes. That's just about how she deals with those situations to this day.

Anyway, thanks for having me! I look forward to being a part of this community.
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