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Hi, stray cats have a tendency to find me. I have taken in my share of strays over the years. Last year I lost my wonderful 'Ladka' to a blue tail salamander poisoning. He was 7 years old. I found him on my grandmother's front step when he was about 5 weeks old. He was slightly injured and had a scar that made him have a permanent smile. A stray siamese was already in my home that adopted me. He passed away shortly before Ladka. About 3 months after Ladka passed away, Shadow popped into our lives. She is a sweet heart when she wants to be, and can be quite fiesty. The vet said she appeared about 7 months old when I took her in, and October will be one year she has been with us. She is in a single pet home currently.

I hope to keep reading others comments about biting issues. Shadow is the first cat I have ever had that continues to bite. I know I'll need to post this in behavior forum once I am approved.

adopted momma to Shadow (18 months old).
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