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Hey how are you guys I'm new to the forum and I have a 2 - 3 years old cat and 1 dog and 4 other cats she has been loosing hair on her leg, tail, and now her head could it be mange? I heard mange starts on the head not the legs also I don't have much money nor can I borrow any from my parents since they borrow from me so if you know how I will need to treat her condition thanks for any help guys. I don't know how to post pics. but here is a link so you can see her there are 3 pictures thanks!!! ... 0#lastPost

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I found these similar discussions off another forum

Hair loss is usually either from stress or other mental problems or allergies. The pattern of hairloss you described sounds like an allergy. If it is a flea allergy use something like Frontline or Advantage to clear up the fleas. Your vet can give you a shortcourse of steroids to try. Mine gave me a weeks worth for my cat. If the hairloss stops then you know it is an allergy, if not it might be stress or something else.

And here is a conversation from a website where two people are discussing a situation like yours:

My cat is 2 years old. About 6 months ago, I noticed her
> > legs were losing their fur. I took her to the vet. He
> told
> > me there may be an allergic reaction and gave me some
> > prednisone which I gave the cat for a few weeks. This did
> > nothing. He also told me if this did not help, Crystal
> > probably had a ''mental disorder''. The problem has
> gotten
> > worse and I am afraid she will lose all of her fur. The
> hair
> > loss is starting to move up her body and the front legs
> are
> > almost totally bare. She is biting at these areas alot
> but
> > there is no evidence of any parasites. She is a very
> > skittish feline. She does not let anyone hold her except
> for
> > me and that is not very often. When you get near her to
> pet
> > her, she cowers. I do not know any of her past. I got her
> at
> > the humane society when she was about 12 weeks old.
> Please
> > help me! I will love my cat even if she is bald but how
> do
> > you diagnose a ''mental disorder'' in a feline?
> Hi,
> First, I believe you need to bring your kitty to another vet
> for a second opinion and more ADVICE, to find a solution to
> this problem. To tell a pet owner that her feline may have
> a mental disorder, but offer no further advice or treatment,
> is totally useless, in my opinion.
> The prednisone was a good first attempt at solving the
> problem, but there is so much more that can be attempted.
> Did the vet do any skin scrapings which were analyzed at a
> lab, etc.? In any case,
> There are many more skin problems which can 'travel', as
> you've described, cause fur loss, and do not involve
> parasites. (more to follow) A feline determatologist would
> be a good choice right now, to try to get to the bottom of
> the problem. Animal 'specialists', like dermatologists, are
> usually found in veterinary teaching hospitals and emergency
> animal hospitals, so if you're fortunate to have one of
> those near where you live, call up and inquire. You usually
> need a referral from your regular vet, in order to be seen.
> You say that there is no evidence of any parasites, but did
> the vet examine her for fleas, etc., and is she now on any
> type of flea preventative, like Advantage or Frontline?
> These are the types that are a liquid, applied to the back
> of the neck, once a month. This is not absorbed by the body
> thru the skin, but only spreads thru the skin's surface, and
> adverse reactions are not common, but can occur. Did
> you, by any chance, use one of these products (or any other
> type of flea product) before she started losing her fur and
> biting at her skin?
> The fact that she 'cowers' when you approach to pick her up,
> is upsetting to me. It makes me think that perhaps her skin
> (and/or something else under the skin) is causing her pain,
> and the thought of you touching her, makes her cringe. In
> any case, you should get more opinions from either the
> feline dermatologist, or at least another vet, as soon as
> you can.
> Re: your question about feline mental disorders, yes, some
> cats do bite themselves, causing sores, and/or pull out
> their fur, usually due to stress,anxiety, and other reasons,
> and there are medications for these conditions. Many of the
> medications are the same (scaled down dosage--use ONLY as
> prescribed by vet) as for humans, like prozac, valium, etc.
> There are also holistic medications for these conditions
> (these exist for skin conditions, also, but I wouldn't use
> anything without discussing it first, with a vet). I'll
> send you the address of a website with info re: these.
> When Crystal bites at her skin, does she make sores that you
> can see? Do you see any oozing or pus coming from the
> places she's biting? Is she acting normally,
> otherwise--eating, drinking, eliminating, playing, etc.?
> Have you evaluated her food at all? She might have a food
> allergy to an ingredient in her food.
> Here is a website with a list of different dermatologic
> problems and their causes--use this to better identify, not
> diagnose the problem; that's for the vet to do:
> ... oblems.htm
> Here is the site I mentioned, above, about 'Flower
> Essences'. One variety (Rescue Remedy) is usually used for
> stress/anxiety:
> When Crystal started losing her fur on her front legs, had
> anything NEW been introduced into the home, or had any big
> changes taken place? For example: new baby, additional
> animal, new furniture, carpet, paint, appliances? New
> people, many visitors, servicemen, etc.? Have you moved
> recently? Have your work hours changed recently, or have
> you been out of town and left Crystal in the care of a
> pet-sitter or boarded her at the vet's, etc.? Any and all
> of these could be reasons for emotional distress (or a
> physical reaction re: paint, etc.) which can lead to hair
> loss.
> I sincerely hope that you are able to find the reason, and
> subsequently, the cure, for Crystal's current condition,
> very soon! Please keep us posted on her progress, and I
> have no doubt that you will do your very best to find a
> solution to her problem, because you sound like a very
> intelligent and devoted cat-parent!
> I wish you and Crystal much good luck!
> Cher : )
> >
> In response to the questions asked above. There were no skin scrapings done, just the prednisone. I do not believe she is in any pain, just alot of discomfort from the itching. She lays with me every night before bed so that I may pet her. Sometimes for hours. I do not use any flea meds on her because she is a totally indoor cat and the only one I have. Nothing new has been introduced except I changed her litter from the good crystals to dry dust. I think I will go back to the good litter because I don't like the dust either. Your advice on a specilist is a good idea. I am going to take her to another vet and hopefully these issues will be resolved. If not there is an emergency clinic in my area, so I will also check into that. She does not have any other problems, she is VERY active and loves to hunt her treats and play fetch with me. I will let you know any futher developments. I love my baby very much and hate to see her in, what I can only imagine is pure agony. I would like to get another kitty so I must resolve this problem. I would hate to put another cat though this. Thank you for your quick response and intelligent answer.


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hmm thanks alot. Lets see she doesn't seem to have a disorder and no problem being picked up, also she doesn't scratch the bald spots but she does lick them not bite or anything just lick them softly thats what I've notcied as for fleas she might have some but not alot since she lives in and out of the house. I'll take her to the vet to see whats up thanks.

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hmm thanks alot. Lets see she doesn't seem to have a disorder and no problem being picked up, also she doesn't scratch the bald spots but she does lick them not bite or anything just lick them softly thats what I've notcied as for fleas she might have some but not alot since she lives in and out of the house. I'll take her to the vet to see whats up thanks.

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External parasites are a major cause of hair loss. Yes, cats can get mange, actually there are 3 or 4 species of mites that they get. Lice are uncommon. But this definitely needs to be seen by a vet and the skin scraped and examined microscopically to see what (or who!) is hanging out there.

Dr. Jean
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