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Hello! My first time on this site so bear with me, and sorry this is long I tried to give as much context as possible. I have two 2 year old cats, Toph and Suki, who were pregnant at the same time with both of their second litters when I adopted them. Suki’s first litter was healthy as far as I know but Toph abandoned her first litter right after they were born because they were touched/moved out of where she had them and when she didn’t feed or clean them they were taken to a foster momma cat. Now onto the litters they’ve had with me, Suki had three out of five survive and tends to them pretty well but Toph had complications and a viral infection and lost all four of her babies. She also had a c-section and was spayed so I kept her separate from the other cats while her stitches healed. When I brought her back to Suki and the babies (3.5 weeks old now), Toph didn’t really seem to like the kittens and either watched them from a distance or hissed at them if they tried to waddle up to her and did the same with momma Suki. She and Suki used to get along fine before the kittens so I just assumed Toph was upset about her pregnancy and taking it out on Su. I’m confused because just yesterday Toph started trying to groom the kittens while they’re nursing and now she lies down beside them and wraps them up in her little paws to hold them when they squirm away from her. She beeps at them, sits on them, even tries to bite and wrestle them when they want to get up and explore. I can’t tell if she just wants to play or if she’s depressed about losing her babies and wants to take care of Suki’s and is just really bad at it. Suki doesn’t seem bothered by this and I always pull the babies away when it looks like Toph is getting rough because they’re so little, but I’m just wondering if this is normal behavior for cats with kittens who aren’t their own or if it’s something to be concerned about. I’m also confused about how quick she got to liking them all of a sudden even though she still growls at Suki at random times. If it gets to be a bigger concern I will call my vet but Toph is doing fine after her surgery and this only started a day ago so I’m afraid I’m overreacting like I tend to do. Any comments or opinions would be helpful
Pictures at the bottom- Suki is striped and Toph is calico

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