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Hello! I am a cat mom to four amazing cats:

Umi - soon to be 15. Grey and white tuxedo cat. He's the longest relationship I've ever had with a man so far. Stills runs around like he's a teenager.

Muki - I don't know how old she is. Anywhere from 13 to 15. Orange and white with cow-like markings. She's my sensitive cat.

Bianca - 10 years old. All black. She's one tough cat. I think she's clawed her way to alpha cat in my bunch.

Chester - 7 years old. Before we adopted him, his name was Rascal. We should have known. He is insane. Fun, but insane.

I'm here because Umi's sick and I'm looking for information on... well anything that I can learn about his issues. He's hyperthyroid and has some sort of primary liver issue. :/ I am freaking out. Hopefully, I'll find some peace here. Thanks so much for reading!

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