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I am at the end of my rope. My 8 week old kitten Neya has decided to wake us up with an awesome midnight surprise - being a wet bed. I have read all the forums and it just doesn't
make sense.

*Her litter box is in a quiet space away from foot traffic
*It gets cleaned daily, sometimes even 2, 3 times a day.
*It's easily accessible and for a week she had absolutely NO issue urinating in it.
*She poops in it no problem. Scratches around happily before settling in.
*There aren't any other animals in the house so it can't be that either.
*She's only peed on the bed 4 times. I washed the duvet twice along with an enzymatic cleaner, and she goes back to the SAME spot each time! I replaced the duvet and sheets with new ones a few days ago and everything seemed fine. THen she went for vaccinations yesterday and then as soon as we got into bed she did it again.

I can't close her off in the bathroom, or lock her out of the bedroom because its an open plan loft / bachelor flat, I am out of answers! HELP.


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Well, it seems you've done everything right in trying to correct this.
Have you tried Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Litter? I've had success with this when one of my cats decided not to use the box.

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First off, HI!
An eight week old kitten, is still developing bladder control, it's going to take awhile for her to physically be able to control all bodily functions!
You're cleaning the litter box regularly, which is good, however, due to her age, I would suggest leaving 'one deposit' in the box, when you clean it, the scent will help guide her back to the right spot!
Also, have a litter box right next to your bed, again, leaving one deposit behind, when you clean it.
Kittens eat and drink a lot, then they have to go!
A kitten this age, needs a litter box, in whatever areas she hangs out the most in!
If she's got to go, and the litter box is to far away...she's not going to make it!
The Dr. Elsey's litter attractant will help to, one word of advice, look for the litter attractant at a farm feed type store, it will be a lot cheaper, than at a big box pet food store!
To help save your duvet, while you're trying out some different suggestions, get some puppy pee pads, that you can lay on top of everything.
You may also need to invest in a water proof mattress pad...
The enzymatic cleaners will help, BUT you do need to follow their directions closely!
Don't give up on her, she's not being an evil kitten, just a normal baby!
Wishing you and her, a very Happy life!
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