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My cat used to be an outdoor cat with some other cats. She went "missing" and then two months later came home nearly starved to death, I decided at the moment she would be an indoor cat only.

I've always had dogs, but the were always outdoor dogs. Due to my mother's declining health we decided to get her a puppy to keep her company. Cat was semi-social but didn't really play with anyone. When my dog passed away I got the litter-mate to my mom's puppy. They are Chihuahuas/Pomeranian mixes. Together they are STILL smaller then the cat.

When they first came home (yesterday) she sniffed them and that was the last of it. She wants nothing to do with anyone at this point. I can walk past her an she growls/hisses at me. Last night at bedtime, she did crawl into bed with me and stayed there all night.

Same thing today. Still a lot of growling/hissing. She'd rather stay in the bathroom, but I made her come out. While they are in the crate, she will walk around but is clearly ticked off.

The puppies have paid her no mind. They don't go near her or try to mess with her.

Is she just mad/jealous that there is someone new in the house? Will she eventually get over it?


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Of course she's mad...there are two new little interlopers in HER territory. Google "introducing dog to resident cat" and read some of the articles about the proper way to introduce the two species. Just bringing them together and expecting her to be OK with it within 24 hours is not the way to do best she'll continue to hiss and be anti-social, at worst she may start eliminating inappropriately, develop anxious behaviors like overgrooming, not eating, stress colitis, herpes flare up (if she's been exposed, which is likely) or develop a urinary tract infection...or some combination of several of these things.
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