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i bought my cats a plush cat pillow/bed with catnip in it. Taz and Nala love catnip and go absolutely nuts (then relax for hours) for it. both of them and Noah love sleeping on pillows, so i thought this would be great for them. they all sleep on Ginger, my dog's, pillow/bed too.

they hate the new one i bought them! they have all snubbed me. Taz and Nala actually have been giving me dirty looks for the past few days. Ginger slept with her head on the cat pillow earlier. a while later, i noticed the pillow was stuffed in the back corner underneath my bed. Ginger cannot get fit under the bed, so i know it was the cats!

has anyone else had problems like this? i do not want to take the thing back to the store. i have also asked friend's who are cat owners and no one thinks they cat would use it.

what should i do? the kitties seem to hate it!
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