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Cat problem (pee)

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My cat has a habit of peeing on things that are on the floor. For some reason he likes to pee on newspaper or magazines that are left on the floor. He also peed on my bag which I can no longer use since the smell of cat pee is so strong even after washing the bag couple of times.
Besides that he is a really nice cat. we got him from the SPCA so I don't really know too much about his past but I think his current life is pretty good.

Thank you
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My first question for you is, is your cat neutered? Your kitty may have a urinary infection, especially if he is peeing frequently and/or you see blood in the urine. Take your kitty to your vet to determine if he is healthy. Other causes of peeing are soiled spots on the carpet, dirty cat boxes, or poor potty training. Clean soiled spots on the carpet with an enzyme cleaner such as Nature's Miracle, and try to keep your cat away from the area until it's dry. To fix poor potty training, he must be locked in a small room (the only time this is alright) with his litter box when you are not home and at night for a few days so he will know what he is supposed to do. Cleaning the cat box is important. Some cats require a cat box-cleaning daily in order for them to go in it. Others are more forgiving and will let you get by with three to four day cleaning intervals. Cats can also pee around the house if they are stressed. Hope this help :D
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