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this is the receipe i am making...look at it -----

1 lb swiat fish
2 lb turkey
5.5 lb chicken breast-

added to 4 cups of water, that is added to the meat-

3 teaspons salt
8 egg yolks
8000 mg salmon oil
8 grandular supplent pills...Nutricology, ImmoPlex Glandular, 60 Veggie Caps -
400mg vitamin b-50
1600 iu vitamin E
8000 mg taurine
14 oz chicken liver

the above was according to a lisa,s receipe at

the question, bone
i stripped the meat off 10 chicken this enough bone???????

i was watching a video on youtube by this lady vet , she said the worse diet is a raw diet , that is supplietment defficient...
what about the 10 chicken leg bones????enough

i also give my 2 cats one can of earthborn chicken a day. 5.5oz
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