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cat seizurs?

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hoping somebody is awake about 1 hr and 1/2 ago my cat experience a seizure at least i think it is one. she is bearly 5 years old i can't loose this cat she is to young. what causes seizures? will it happen again? how dangerous is it? I wonder if anybody experience this. she is calm and sleeping right now.

i don't know what happen she was twitching around and had lots of drool coming out and when she calm down she was in a blank stare for about 1 minute and she started to pace around like she is lost then when she was calm i petted her and she started to pur. 20 minutes ago she went to keading like she always does. I'm hoping the vet is open as i don't drive yet and don't know anybody who could take me to emergancy vet so i'm praying one will be open.

I wanna know about this seizure what caues it? could a nightmare cause it? could hairball cause it i'm sure she has hairballs i do groom her and give her hairball remendy treats. I'm so worried and paranoid
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I'm afraid that only a vet can answer your questions about the cause of your cat's seizure and the likelihood that it will happen again. I have never heard of either a nightmare or a hairball causing a seizure, and I doubt if either one could.

It would be a very good idea to get your cat to a vet as soon as possible.

i called the vet this morning i didnt' had 30 bucks i need 30 bucks more for a blood work i will be able to get that done on tuesday as i will have it by then but right now my cat seems fine like she never had it. if something is wrong with her after these test how do i aford the vet most vet here require payment i'd get pet insurance but they reimbours you and vet still needs money up front. i heard of care credit is it possible to get that at the vet they carry it
ok she got blood work today i haven't seen another seizure episode either cept for friday. sometimes i can't tell the difference between a seizure and a stroke. have anybody experience a cat that had a seizure once or twice in there life time? for my cat this is once she is in perfect physical health as the vet said but i told him i want a blood test when he sait it may not be needed.
The first thing that came to my mind was that maybe your cat had an epiliptic seizure. I had a cat once, that used to have them maybe twice a year. This was a long time ago now, and then the vet said nothing could be done. The seizure was the same as to how you describe what your cat went thro, and after a few minutes my cat was fine. He lived to be 17-1/2 yrs. old, and the seizures didn't seem to affect him in any other way. But you should talk to your vet and ask about the possibility of cat having an epileptic seizure.
epileptic seizure i like to ask what is that? i did ask my vet about it but i still don't understand. i know there are different types of seizures. i don't know how often my cat will have it since she experience once but i hate seeing litterly look like that cat was dying i did panic since it was my first time seeing one happen also.
Okay an epileptic seizure is one caused by your mind firing signals at an alarming rate causing your body to convulse and you to lose control. Same thing happens in cats. Usually cats can live a long and healthy life with them.

I know about seizures in humans more, but they effect cats the same way. I'm a long time sufferer with Pseudo-seizures (when your body convulses, but no signals are fired in your brain, your body just kind of loses it) and I have drop seizures (A type of epileptic seizure where your head drops down and you don't realize you are doing it and your mind goes blank) Cats can also get these as well as the two other most common ones under epilepsy: Grand Maul: Total loss of control of the body, shaking, "flopping like a fish," Drooling. foaming at the mouth, urinating ones self, and also soiling ones self (For cats it's a little different, it appears your cat had a grand) or a Petite Maul: Shaking of limbs, slurred speech, drooling and possible loss of bladder control.

Wait for the blood work to come back. I hope your kitten starts to feel better soon.
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I'm sorry to hear about the seizures. Our first cat, Rookie, started having seizures when she was only 3 and was diagnosed with what they call "primary epilepsy," meaning that it was just seizures and nothing else systemic that was causing them. I know how scary it is to watch it happening.

One tip for you. When Rookie had her third seizure on a Saturday, the seizure ended and she took a leap at me and hung off my wrist by her teeth. I learned that it's not uncommon for cats to attack either a person or another animal after having a seizure, just because they're so disoriented and fearful when they come out of it. It's probably a good idea for you to be there while she's having a seizure, but I wouldn't try to handle her at that point.

Also, an interesting thing I learned was that the seizure itself doesn't harm them. It's only if something happens during the seizure that would otherwise hurt them, like hitting something sharp or falling down the stairs, where any harm would come.

Our story had a very sad ending. We found that Rookie's seizures couldn't be controlled, she was obviously miserable and covered in her own pee all the time, and we ultimately made the gut-wrenching decision to have her euthanized. I certainly hope that's not your case, but I do want to say that I sympathize for how hard it is.
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Our Alaskan Malamute was epileptic. With proper medication she went from having them a few times a week to about once a month. The meds made her a bit...dim... but she lived a healthy and happy if all to short life (not due to the epilepsy).
when my cat had this seizure she didn't really urinate all did was had saliva foaming out lasted about 1 minute then after she recovered i was relieaved but she was still out of it for another minute then she started to get comfortable and layed down at pured and started walking back and forth to her foodbowel.
Here was the timeline for Luna with her seizures
1-2 days before seizure she would have trouble with basic commands. She wouldn't respond in any timely sort of manner and would constantly do things she knew were not allowed. At first we thought she was just being difficult until I started keeping a diary of her behavior. THen we pinned it down to the days before her seizures.

The day of her seizure she would be very very clingy. She was not an overly demonstrative dog and was pretty independent but all she wanted was to be touching either my ex husband or I. If we left her out of her crate she would become destructive when we weren't home (behavior she had grown out of). At this point we would start carrying around her foam baseball (I'll tell you why later).

SHortly before her seizures she would slow down and seem slightly drunk(for lack of a better description).

THen she would drop down and start twitching and and jerking like crazy. Her teeth would snap together hard and early in her seizures she would vacate her bladder AND bowels but as she got older that stopped. She would still drool a LOT though. Most people said to stay away from her but we always knelt next to her and pulled her upper body onto our thighs and slipped the foam baseball between her canine teeth (She had chipped a tooth during her first seizure and we didn't want her to do more damage). IF she had ever shown any sign of being aggressive during or coming out of her seizure we would have stayed away, but she never did.

ONce the twitching would stop she would be still for a few minutes. Her eyes would be open but unfocused and we would pet her and talk to her (and if she soiled herself use this time to clean her up) Then she would suddenly moving a little. ALmost like she was asleep and started to wake up. She'd look around disoriented and confused and we would help her up and keep her steady until she could walk on her own. She was always *SUPER* thirsty after so we'd give her little sips (so she wouldn't drink gallons and throw it up) and keep petting her until she was back to 'normal'. She always seemed so happy when we were there when she 'woke up' from a seizure.

The few times I would not be with her when she had them I would hear her crying from somewhere in the house and when I'd find her she would be covered in drool and shaky and very very scared so when we knew one was imminent we tried to make sure one of us was always home or she came to work with one of us so that she would never have to be alone when she came out of it.

It was very very scary when it first started happening but after a little while it became a routine. Soon I started carrying her baseball, a roll of paper towels, natures miracle and a terry towel in a little diaper bag when she was getting close to one so that I'd have those things right at hand when they were needed.
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well as long as cats can survive a seizure. her health is ok. she does something different though after the seizure she jumps on the chair i sit on and kicks me off so i let her have it and use another :p she is just benig spoiled. I don't know how frequent the seizures have to be to put on medicine but the vet said if she rarely has it she won't need medicine. how often do they need to have it if they need medicine to control it?
My grandfather who had a Husky who was Epileptic. She was on medications to help, but he also kept something handy to stick in her mouth when she seized. He would sit beside her and pet and talk through it all and when it was over she would crawl up into his lap and just tremble.

I hope the vet can tell you whats is going on and if it is controllable.
yes i'm dying to know the results wont' know til wed but i will keep everybody updated. appearently cats always worry me i take them to the vet and everything comes out normal. i did had a needle scare when all my needles fell on the ground i even rub my foot around i rather get pricked then my cat swallowing one. then 8 months after the incident i found that lost needle was stuck in a bookshelf behind my books somehow.
Luna started having seizures when she was 3 and she was on two seizure meds daily and would have been on them for the rest of her life.

I really can't remember what they were now.... she lived with the ex husband for 4 years before she was hit by a car so it was a long time ago I had to refill the subscription.

I do know the one had to be done at a compound pharmacy, it was specialized.
I am wondering when your cat luna had seizures was it alot of seizures how many seizures before she was on meds? i don't think my cat qualify for meds as shehasn't had any since friday could be a time deal or she could experience 2 in her lifetime but i'd hope she be ok after them.
Well, Luna was a dog. We took her to the vet after the first one and all the blood tests /etc were inconclusive so he told us to keep and eye on her. She had one a few weeks later and we went back and he started the meds. Then it was a constant adjustment of ends to balance the minimum of seizures with the minimum of side effects.

I thought you said this wasn't the first time it happened to your cat?
oh it is the first time friday was the only time it happen.
I was saying wonder if my cat would experience 2 or 3 in her life time so far just 1
good news my candie's blood test is perfect my vet said that they could experience one or 2 in a lifetime or no more at all. I am guessing that seizure was just a random one i'll keep on a eye on her though to make sure there are no more episodes.
So glad to hear that. I know it can be difficult. Ours has had seizures, but she had hers due to medicines that she was on.

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