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Saintly City Cat Club show judge is both fun and 'deadly serious'

They'll primp, they'll hiss, and the champion may win by a whisker as more than 120 cats compete in St. Paul's annual feline beauty contest this weekend.

And in the midst of it all will be Walter Hutzler. The opera-singer-turned-cat-judge is in town to pick favorites during the Saintly City Cat Club's Annual Championship & Household Pet Cat Show today and Sunday.

"I find this thing that I do very fun," said Hutzler, who lives in New York. "I have a good time with it, and I try to share that with the people, but that doesn't take away from my seriousness. I'm deadly serious."

Serious about cats and what they represent to their owners.

Full story HERE.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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