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Well we finally had some decent snow. about 3 inches.It was scarey driving to work, i went skidding a feew times :shock: but no go work= no pay :(
anyway i made a little snow story, full of cats of course! even jacko the guinea pig makes an appearnce :) so here it is!

okay, day 1- the first signs of snow...

The next day, all excited because some has settled...

Butch being a dumbass sitting in the cold wet snow..

Later that afternoon its starting up again... more settles..

By early evening its looking good....

Later that night, its settles, theres snow!!

Even the cats got all excited and went out to play in it!

today was loads, but coz i had to rush to work i couldnt take any pics, when i got home its pretty much melted :(
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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