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Cat sucking her own nipple

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We have a kitty that's about 9 months old now and frequently we catch her sucking her own nipple. It's really weird and we've tried to discourage her from doing it- I've never seen a cat do this! Can anyone tell me what's going on with her and what I might be able to do to stop her embarassing behavior?
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We bottle-raised a litter of kittens two years ago. One of the kittens (the one I ended up keeping) started suckling himself "down there" :oops: when he was about 9 weeks old- the other four never showed any sign of the behavior. They were raised under nearly identical conditions, aside from the fact that Nicky (my cat) was weaned about a week earlier, as he developed a reaction to the commercial milk supplements and couldn't drink them anymore. He grew out of it on his own about six months ago.

Lots of cats have issues with this sort of thing, and many do eventually outgrow the behavior.. I have a number of articles bookmarked on my other computer.. I'll see if I can find them tomorrow. :)
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