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Cat that CRAVES attention and has a sense of humor!

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This is regarding the same cat I have that wakes us up so early every day.

He is such a ham! He's always acting goofy and absolutely demands to have attention from those of the people persuasion around him.

For starters, I work at home so a good portion of my day is spent sitting in front of a computer. Herbie will come in the room, sit in a chair right beside me (if the chair isn't placed there he has a cow!) and I can FEEL him staring at me the entire time. I can see out of the corner of my eye that he won't look away. If I don't stop what I'm doing for a few seconds to acknowledge him he'll jump up on the computer desk and sit in front of the monitor. One time he even started walking on the keyboard and I lost the work I was doing at the time.

Now comes the really funny part. I am in a wheelchair and everyone knows what good hearing cats have, right? Both of our cats key off the sounds the wheelchair makes. If Herbie is in a different room than me at the time, and I get ready to leave the room, he will run from wherever he is at and flop down on the floor directly in front of me to block me from getting out of a room. You should see the look on his face when he does this. It's as if to say "Ha, ha. Try and get past this one!" Then I reach down to pick him up and set him on his feet to get him going and he acts like his legs don't work. He turns into Jell-O. I swear that if cats could laugh he would be cackling along with the best of them. :lol:

Does anyone else think that cats have a sense of humor? After knowing mine, I sure do. :p
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Oh I can tell you my cat must have a sense of humor. This is really disgusting but I think he's cat laughing and not meowing. i will go lay in bed at night and go to shut off my light on the headboard and he will jump on my bed and stick his bum towards me and pass gas. Oh Gosh it is the most disgusting thing. I gag and struggle for fresh air lol. After he does this he jumps off the bed meowing as if he's really laughing in cat language. I tell him he is disgusting and needs to stop doing that to me. I do have to laugh cuz it is funny but WHY ME??!!!! lol Just thought you'd get a kick out of that story. :lol:
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