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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, but wanted to ask you all if you might have any idea what is going on with my cat. I'm really worried for him :(

History is detailed below:
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years 9 months
Weight: 6.2kg
Neutered domestic short hair

Over the last 5 weeks he has been vomitting brown liquid. sometimes its really thin, sometimes its more thick (like semi-disgested food).
This has happened like clockwork every Thursday around 4-8am. It seems like he eats, goes to sleep but in the morning when he wakes up he throws up pretty much once a week. It looks like semi-digested food and has some hair in it. Sometimes there is more or less hair. In the 5 years i've had him he has never vomited like that! usually it is visible undigested food as he eats too fast - never this sort of brown sludge.

We took him to the vets, initially they gave him acid reflux injection and vomiting pill, but when we reduced the dosage this didn't really stop it. He has xrays and an ultrasound done and it was all clear - no obstructions. They then suggested he gets put on a hydrolysed protein diet for 8 weeks to rule out any irritation from food. He has been on it for about 6 few days (but we have just weaned him off his old food yesterday totally) so its too early to tell, but we hoped the vomiting wouldn't happen this morning :(

The vets suggested that if he keeps vomiting that he might need exploratory surgery and they mentioned IBD. What strikes me is that it happens on time every Thursday after waking up and its always: brown, most of time has clumps of hair. The fact that it is weekly tells me that something takes a week to build could be a hairball or it could be increased inflammation from food over the week and then it reaches its tipping point and he pukes.

I don't know if its hairballs causing this suddenly, or if it gets worse with age as its never happened like this before? or if the hairballs coming out are due to a bigger/different issue like IBD causing inflammation and vomiting?

Thanks in advance!
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