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Cat too well litter trained?

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Toby got into the closet where I keep the bag of litter. He tore it open and some spilled out. Then, evidently, he peed in it! Now there is a dried, hard clump of litter on the carpet in the closet. (less than a cup). I guess he figured "hey, this is litter, this is where I go" He's got 2 litter boxes, one on each side of the house, and he's never missed.

I guess I should count my blessings that he associates litter as where he should do his business.

Luckily it's in a closet. Any idea how to dissolve and chip this thing up, as it seems to be one with the carpet?
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I have no advice, I'm sorry, but this is hilarious!!!
I had one of my cats, while I was scooping the boxes once, climb into the big plastic tub of litter and do his business in there while my back was turned.

As far as your problem, I would say, wet it down with enzyme cleaner, pick up what you can, and steam clean the rest out.
Beyond hilarious!! Maybe he's trying to tell you to clean his box more often. Or that he'd like it in a more private place. You said he had never missed? To my way of thinking (& your description) he still hasn't! He smelled the litter, opened the bag, got some out, and used it. Very expedient & really smart if you ask me. BTW still LOL. GL B
Actually, I think the 2 things are independent.

He'll scratch at many bags that I bring home, kind of like a play thing, and of course this has a familiar smell.

Then, he just kind of did what came naturally. Pee on a familiar material.

It's actually comforting in a way, knowing that he knows what litter is for. If we travel I'm guessing he'll have no trouble adjusting to where his box is.
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