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Cat trees

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So when I first brought Otis inside, I picked her up a cheap scratch post at the Dollar General. This morning its destroyed. Unraveled all over the floor. I am not sure who exactly was responsible but we need a new one.

I am looking into cat trees. Who has one? Do you like the one you have?

I am looking at the Armarkat one that's 57 inches. Amazon reviews look good.

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I've had an Armarkat for about 2 years now. My cats love it and it's still holding strong. I bought a premium one with a wide base so it's nice and sturdy. Their stuff is also very easy to assemble.
I like Molly & Friends cat furniture the best. Very sturdy and lasts forever! Several of my cats are big and muscular (16+ pounds)
so I have to have well-built heavy duty trees. Here is a favorite tree much loved and used by my kitty family:
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We have one- they both love it, but Mitzi hogs it the most. We have a 'super long' scratching post too, so they can stretch to absolute full length. They love climbing up it like it's a tree... until the realise they get stuck at the top!
I bought an Amarcat tree online upon the recommendation of a friend. The price was much better than elsewhere. The tree came on time, was easy to assemble (it would have been even easier if my cats hadn't "helped") and the cats love it. It's very good quality and I have been very happy with it.
I built my own. I have better pics of it some where, but you can kind of see it here. It is three tiered and built to fit in a corner.

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I have an Armarkat A5801 and it's great, my girls love it... they are constantly napping/scratching/playing on it. It's a medium sized tree which is great but I think I'd get a bigger one next time. Here are a few pics of the girls using it.


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I got this Armarkat (free) 5-6 years ago.

I have these, all from Craigslist, free or cheap:

My girls' favorite - because it's the tallest
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I have this one
Cat Trees higher than 160cm: Cat Tree Vanuatu

I love it but he is quite a small cat, and so are the platforms. Its also a little bit wobbly - one of these days I will get round to screwing it to the wall.

He loves it anyway, and hasn't managed to damage it at all, I would have reservations with a larger cat though, it would definitely need to be secured anyway.

Thought it was great value though.

Video of him on it here
Giles on his new Cat Tree - YouTube
We have this one, but as I wrote before, it's been discontinued, but it still has held up well after 2 years:

and here are the girls on the cat tree:

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found this pic on Wellness fb dogs on the cat tree!

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CJ that photo is awesome, it'd make a great ad for cat trees so good that dogs love them too.
Marie, I love the thought of glancing craigslist for trees that need a new home. What do you do to clean them up?
Because they've all been in great condition, I mostly just vacuum them really well, sometimes I went over them with a wet towel and Dawn first. In a couple cases, I saw the cats that belonged to them, one of which came with my first tree. None came from indoor/outdoor cat homes so I had no fear of fleas. Two of them were being "rehomed" because their cats refused to use them.

I found out recently that a co-worker threw out her almost-new 6-foot cat tree when she moved. Just didn't want to deal with it. It was a couple years ago, before I met her. I almost fainted. Most of the time, when people are moving, they just want to get rid of certain things and don't care about selling it and getting their money's worth, like they would if it was a t.v. or computer or something. Silly them, but good for me!
I saw some free cat trees on craigslist yesterday.. and no way to go get them :?
I'd love to get one for my kitties but they're pretty expensive. Being a new home owner, I'm trying to cut back on the spending. Maybe I will check craigslist...
I left this dead oak tree (oak wilt) in the back yard because the squirrels like it. It has a lot of hollow areas and it is a "training tree for the little squirrels. Midnight, the wild cat, likes to climb it from time to time and bug the squirrels. They just tolerate him.

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Okay, I've been googling cat trees ALL day. I couldn't stop thinking about how much my kitties would love one. I may bite the bullet and do it.
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