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Pierre is my first cat and I've had him since he was a kitten, so total 2 1/2yrs now. He's always been a joyous pain in my side and I miss him every single time I am away for a few days.
As of late, Pierre has been at my boyfriends house for the holidays. Typically, he'll venture out with me on the weekends to his house and we'll come back to mine on Monday. He hasn't ever had a problem with traveling and enjoys spending time at a new house with a million more windows and carpet for traction. Anyway, we're going to stay for another week and Pierre has been acting WEIRD!
He's been meowing more and not your typical "I'm hungry" meow, it's changed pitch and sounds almost sad. :( He sits by the sliding door and just peers out the window and meows every time someone notices him. His eating habits haven't changed and neither has his grooming. I should also mention that his stool is normal as well. It may seem like he's fine on the surface, but I just get the feeling that he's lonely and wants to go outside more often than he already does.
When I woke up this morning, I noticed that he had thrown up in the bathroom and there was grass in it. He wasn't lethargic and seemed fine but eager to get out of the bathroom and wake up for the day. The increased meowing and throwup has been enough to scare me & I'm wondering what to do. Is it possible that my cat is homesick?
Any suggestions are welcome.
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