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cat urine

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Hello, my name is phoebe, my cat is going to the bathroom everywhere else but his litterbox. Mainly my living room. Everytime I have company I'm so worried if they smell the cat pee. Please help!
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Kitties don't like to be messy, if they are peeing on things there is usually a reason. Cat's peeing elsewhere than the litterbox is most commonly caused by:

-urinary tract infection
-litterbox not clean enough
-dislike of scented litter
-dislike of type of litter
-dislike of depth of litter
-dislike of litterbox (lots of cats don't like covered ones)

I'd take her to the vet to have her checked for a UTI. If that's not it, make sure you scoop at least once a day, and try different litters. Take the cover off yours if it has one -- kitties often don't like having to crouch down next to their stinky poo. It's like a port o potty. Also make sure you clean the pee spots with an enzyme cleaner like Get Serious or Simple Solution or Nature's Miracle...detergents and soaps won't hide the smell from your kitty. And often kitties will re-pee in places that they have already peed in if they can still smell it.

If you can't fix it by trying these things, then try to figure out what she likes so much about the living room, and duplicate it in the litterbox.
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