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cat urine

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Hello, my name is phoebe, my cat is going to the bathroom everywhere else but his litterbox. Mainly my living room. Everytime I have company I'm so worried if they smell the cat pee. Please help!
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Welcome to the forum, Phoebe. Sorry to hear your cat doesn't like it's litterbox. You could try to change the litter in it or if you have one without a "roof" try one with, or the opposite if that's the case. Even try to move the box just a tiny bit might help. Cats are particular in many ways and they want it their way and no way.

If the cat is peeing in the same area in one room all the time, try to put a bowl of water or food there. Cat's doesn't like to do their bathroom stuff where they eat. But then it might just find another place, so you have to sort out the litterbox problem first and see if you can find a better location for it (more secluded maybe) or change the style of the box, perhaps get a second box if the cat likes to do #1 in one box and do #2 in another.

Hope it gets sorted out and hope to see some pictures of your little rascal! :)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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