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I've had my cat for almost 2 years now. Over the course of these two years, he vomits from time to time. He'll go a week or so without vomitting and then he lets it go. He'll go 4 days in a row vomitting everyday. I changed his food about 7 months ago to Science Diet. i thought that it would be better than the store brand. The vet said about a year ago that everything was looking good. He loves to puke when he is eating. It just comes up and it is a whole lot. I don't feel that it is serious but it is annoying for me. I hope that he is well. Is it my food? Is he sick? I just don't know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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By all means consult your vet. From experience it sounds like the cat is eating too much too fast. My cat does the same but only with certain food. What kind of food are you feeding the cat? Are you giving it table scraps? Make sure your cat is still having bowel movements because your vet will probably ask you that when you call. BTW: My cat recently did that and it was when I switched from Iams to Science diet weight reduction. Then I went to Iams weight reduction adn she still did it. Now she is eating my pregnant cats food kitten Iams. I think it might have been the fiber in the weight reduction that didn't help but the cat does eat a lot too fast.

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My cat Rocky vomits too if he eats too fast, I feed him moist food in the morning he never throws that up. the dry food I give in small amounts and if he has just a bit too much it comes right back up. Try smaller amounts I think that should help. if not ask your vet.

good luck

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My cats vomit if they eat their food to fast. If it doesn´t help your cat giving him smaller amounts of food you can try to put water in the dry food and let it swell for a while until the food is soft and then give it to the cat.

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Only my cat Sugar ever throws up her food. I used to feed them 3 times a day and in the morning she would eat too fast and puke later. I leave it out now and she doesnt eat too fast anymore unless I feed them canned food but she doesnt throw that up at all. It may also be the type of food also b/c any other brand than Science diet ID and she will puke. :cry:

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jes: Don't switch foods too much.

There's a possibility he's allergic to something in the ingredients. Try a lamb and rice formula as apposted to meat by-products or chicken and corn recipies.

I also encougage trips to the vet 2x a year, to help head off any problems, instead of letting some health problem develope for a full year before you catch it.

Try not to let him eat too fast, feed him peice by peice by hand.

Elevate his bowl, put it on top of a phone book, something so that it makes his food more level with his head so he doesn't have to bend down.
All of the above might help. But also bring him to the vet.

Here are some great foods, some of which you can find in various formulas for our pets which are allergic to preservatives, beef, corn..etc.
Dry food only...

Frist Grade Cat Food:
Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul - Adult, Kitten
Evolve - Kitten, Maintenance
Holistic Blend
Natural Balance
Newman's Own Organics - Cat/Kitten
Solid Gold
California Natural
TimberWolf Organics - Serengeti Herbal

Second Grade Cat Food:
Nature's Recipe - Adult
Sensible Choice
Lick Your Chops
Natures Variety

Third Grade Cat Food:
Breeders Choice - Avo-Derm
Bil - Jac
Eagle Pack
Flint River Ranch
Natural Life - Adult, Kitten
Nutro Max
Nutro Natural Choice
Premium Edge
Pro Pac
Pro Plan
Purina ONE
Royal Canin
Wysong - Uretic, Vitality
Maxximum Nutrition
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