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Cat with IBD/IBS

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I'm seeing the vet on monday,as my cat is getting worse pooing all over the house,she's been on Metronizadole and Prednicare and a lot of other meds(Preds for 8 years ) nothing seems to be working now,the vet wants to put her on a Anti cancer drug,just wondering if anybody elses cat has tried this?
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Has your cat's IBD been definitively diagnosed by biopsy? I'm very surprised that a vet would prescribe something as harsh as chemotherapy without a definitive cancer diagnosis. Am I missing something here?

Yes she's had tests ,her poo was even sent to USA,it's not chemo it's anti cancer meds,i suppose it's a last resort as she's tried everything else.
She's had a surgical biopsy? Was cancer found?

I don't understand the difference between chemo and anti-cancer drugs. What drug does your vet want to try?
No she's not found any cancer.I have no idea what it's called till i see her monday,she just said that it's a strong drug and my dogs will have to be keep away from her poo if she has an accident on the floor they mustn't go near it.That is why i asked on here because it does sound strange to give a cat anti cancer meds
Before you start your cat on such a potentially dangerous drug, I strongly recommend you join these two IBD-related mailing lists and discuss your cat's condition and recommended course of treatment with them:

felineibd1 : Feline IBD group
FeIBD : Feline IBD Forum

The folks on those lists are well-acquainted with feline IBD/IBS and may be able to suggest other treatment strategies for you to try. They might even be acquainted with the anti-cancer drug your vet wants to try (you'll need to get the name of the drug).

Thank you very much for the info,i will have a look.I'll get back on monday with the name of the meds if we go down that route??????
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