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I really desperately need some help with my Catgenie. I bought my 120 unit, litter and 4 sani-cartridges second hand about 3 months ago from someone moving. It was a great deal and worked well until a few weeks ago. Now it stops completely after it fills with water. I am getting error code 2. I have learned if I pick up the motor just far enough for the lights to go out and immediately put it back down, it starts working again and finishes the cycle. It takes literally two seconds. I have taken it apart completely twice last week and cleaned it hard, I have cleaned the hoses to check for clogs and cleaned the mesh, I have opened the housing to remove dust, and finally I have run a maintenance bag. I called customer service and they said I need a new rubber ring on the intake hose. They would not give it to me or let me buy it unless I provided sanicartridge receipts for 6 months! I obviously don't have them and think it is pretty rough that I can't get help on something bought second hand! I really doubt the rubber ring is the problem, but would buy it from the hardware store if someone could tell me the size
. If anyone has dealt with this, I would be so very grateful for any pointers! Thanks!
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