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Do your cats like catnip or not? My new cats never had it in their old home, but they seem to like it when I give it to them. Kitt liked it OK, but only in small doses.
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catnip said:
It's supposed to be very good for them, it's harmless, aids digestion and helps relieve stress.
Where did you read this? All of the studies I have read on catnip have been inconclusive about this. Not that I have read a million studies -- I can't find a million as it seems not many have been done. But all the ones I read pretty much came up without a conclusion on *what* it does to a cat's brain. They know which chemical in it affects them, but not what exactly it does. They know it makes them act crazy and that they also respond to the aroma, but I have never been able to find a study that said what the function of catnip is.
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