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Hey all!

I was wondering if you had any tips on catproofing my balcony. It has a lower (like waist-level) railing (fairly wide, kitty can walk on it and put at least both feet side by side; it has a tight chain-link type fencing underneath) and two taller walls on either side. Those are my main concerns as she can jump up on the walls and down into adjacent neighbors' balconies. We've put tape on the railings and that keeps her from walking/jumping on the walls, but it's not ideal. Most of the time she sits on tables and looks out through the fencing. Kitty loves the balcony and it helps with my fiancé's allergies, so we do like her spending time outside. Just want to make the balcony a safer space. We are one floor up from ground level. Directly downstairs our balcony is the building's garage.

I think I can install something on the walls. Not sure what to do about the railing. I'd appreciate any advice and low-cost options.


Thank you!
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