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Cats Afraid of People?

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I'll admit - I don't have too many cat-owner friends but whenever i go into someone's house and there is a cat, the cat will almost always run and hide while the dog is always on the scene and checking me out. why do cats avoid people??? I'd like to own a cat someday but if it's always going to hide from me, well that's no fun!
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Cats are very curious about new people, but not if they move fast or have loud voices. However, with a few exceptions, cats will come and investigate the new person. They just like to make the first move.

I love dogs, and always have one, but I cannot imagine what life would be like without a purring little friend who sleeps with me, keeps me company while I'm in the bath tub, and curls up on my lap to sleep. They are warm, loving, and intelligent. My cats are very obedient also. They just have to get to know you first. A few days getting to know a cat is worth the lifetime of love and fun they give you.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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